Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thanksgiving turkey

I know it's not that time of year yet for most people, but it was time for me to think ahead. This year I wanted to eat a home-grown turkey for Thanksgiving. So I went online and found a hatchery. I paid $6.20 for 1 turkey. I really think it would be cheaper to just buy a frozen turkey on sale right before Thanksgiving (since I have to feed mine for the next 5 months), but I also think this will be much more fun. I also wanted some more chicks, since the last batch got me a LOT of roosters and only 3 or 4 hens. So I ordered some more chicks in the mail, and they came a lot earlier than expected. They weren't supposed to arrive until June 15th, so imagine my surprise when they came almost a month earlier. This morning the phone rang, it was the post office. They told me they had a chirping box, and if I could please pick it up. See, the way it works is you order baby chicks online. When the chicks hatch, they eat part of the egg, and then they're good for about 2 days without any food. So they send them overnight. These chicks are just little puffs of fur.
I ordered enough for both me and Teresa, so she came over to get half of them. While she was here, I showed her our kittens. I jokingly asked her if she wanted to take one home (she has her own kittens already) and she did. So I'm down to 4 kittens. They are all different colors.I plan on keeping the white one that's in 2 of the pictures. The grey one is the one that Teresa took.
An update on the animals on our farm:
2 Dogs
6 Cats
34 Chickens
1 Turkey
6 Sheep (which we are going to sell)
6 Angora Goats
1 other kind of Goat - Which we'll enjoy on the BBQ this coming Saturday
2 Longhorns
1 milk Cow
a million Bunnies
I know it's hard to keep track of all the animals, especially since it's always changing. We are finally getting an idea of what kind of animals we want, and how many. Here's what I would like to get down to:
1 Dog (one of them is going on Craigslist today)
3 Cats
34 Chickens (maybe less, if we eat some of the Roosters)
1 Turkey -until Thanksgiving
6 Angora Goats (or more)
2 Longhorns (only for Joe, I would get rid of them if it were up to me)
1 milk cow
Zero bunnies


angela michelle said...

Man that is a LOT of animals!

Rebecca said...

Yeah that is a lot! But how nice it will be at Thanksgiving...

Nancy Sabina said...

Ahhhh. Baby chicks and bunnies. Did you buy the bunnies at some point or are they just living on your land?

Jessica said...

These bunnies just multiply all by themselves. We shot a bunch of them when we first moved in, but I think the few that were left have been making babies. Time for another hunting party.

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