Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dutch Rosetta Stone

So here I am learning Spanish! It is really cool, and easy. I was just thinking that instead of letting my kids play a coloring game on the computer once in a while, I should let them do Rosetta Stone! Especially Winter should be able to do it, since she can read. Then I started wondering if there's a Rosetta Stone for Dutch. Right now I am trying to get the kids to learn a tiny bit of Dutch by making them watch Dutch movies, but mostly they just get frustrated because they can't understand what is being said. So I went to the website and checked out the Dutch course. OMG, it's over $200 dollars! I never knew! Thanks Grandma Helen, for letting me borrow your Spanish course. I would have never bought it myself, but I am VERY glad that I am learning.


Nancy Sabina said...

Richard and I looked at getting the Portuguese one when we first had Naomi. They are crazy expensive. We went the same route as you - the kids watch movies in Portuguese and Richard talks to them almost exclusively in Portuguese. Naomi understands pretty well.

Maddy S said...

I tried to get Rosetta Stone for my dad and when I found out how expensive it was I knew dad had to learn English another way. I did hear from our ELL teacher at our school that there are some Rosetta Stone programs at the public libraries for free. Ask to see if they have Dutch but then again that's not as if you have it at home. Have fun learning Spanish. :)

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