Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fried Mind

The load is coming off my shoulders.
The cat is at his new home.
The house is now completely empty of our belongings (not the garage yet)
The papers are signed.
The money is not in our bank yet, but that's expected by tomorrow morning.
Our room here is slowly turning from a tornado warzone, back into a lovely bedroom.
Tomorrow morning will be the first morning since school started that I'm not dashing back to our house.

now focus can be back on
helping the kids with homework
cooking dinner
keeping my in-laws house in order
showering, and make-up applying
lunch dates with girlfriends
other tasks that have been on the back burner

Can you tell my sentence structure is suffering from a fried mind?
But hopefully I will get that back into working condition soon.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Need a planner

I haven't had a schedule this busy, since I was at BYU. For the past few years I've always owned a planner, but it usually sat untouched in my purse. It was so seldomly used, it almost felt like a joke to even own one. But not anymore. Without my planner I think I'd forget to get dressed. Sterling signed up for Cub scouts. Winter is going to try out gymnastics. I haven't even found a dance class for Ginger yet. And then there are the school teachers. Email is a wonderful form of communication, but when there are 4 new emails from 1 teacher, that's just overwhelming!! I can't keep up, it's almost like a full-time job keeping track of my kids' activities and whereabouts. LOL How other people do it, with their kids in multiple sports/activities, is beyond my imagination. I'm really hoping that this whole house selling/moving thing has a lot to do with the "overwhelmingness" of the current schedule.

Speaking of..... the house is clean! And everything is out of the house (except Joe's office and closet). Only a few random items remain in the garage and the yard. And no more stuff is coming to Liz's house!! Now can I take a nap please??

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hotter than Hell 100

The race took us 9.5 hours.
We made 3 pit stops.
There was plenty of sweat involved.
Our muscles got a workout.

What?, you thought we rode the Hotter than Hell 100? After all, that was Joe's plan for today.
But think again. We ran the race of moving. And we raced hard and long. And now we want to crash.

The house is almost completely empty. We brought furniture to 3 people's houses, and to our storage shipping container. We got a good deal on the container, but we're really only using half of it. Maybe I got rid of too much stuff? On second thought, this will make for an easier move once we come back to the US, or decide to ship our belongings over to Holland in the future.

All I need to worry about now, is cleaning the house on Monday morning, and unpacking all the stuff I brought into Liz's house. And I won't worry about Joe's office. Or his shop. Or the random things laying around the outside of the house. Or the repairs that still need to be done (except the little spot that needs to be painted). Tonight, I will just relax, and watch Ebay for Apple Macbooks!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Last night

This is it. The last night we all sleep on "the farm". Tomorrow morning we load up the beds and other furniture. Even though the house is half-empty, it still feels a little like home. It has to be a combination of the fact that we still have our couch and TV, and our internet to keep in touch with the world.

We're at that stage of moving, where you don't really know what to do with the leftovers. And one moment you can think that you're almost done, and the next you feel defeated. I'm having one of those rare accomplished feelings right now. Maybe it's because I cleaned off the kitchen counter, and vacuumed the living room. Or maybe it's because I've mentally written off Joe's office and anything that is outside the house. Oh... but even just writing that, makes the defeat set in again.

But I digress. As the clutter slowly disappears at our house, it is just as quickly piling up at the in-laws. Each morning I come back to their house with a carload of stuff, but then I don't have enough time to actually put it away. So our room is piled high with boxes, but those will have to wait until all is done at our house.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I can't see it yet, but I know it's there. Somewhere.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keep on going

Yesterday I took a little break from all the moving stuff, and watched grandma in the morning. Her regular caregiver was sick, so I was called in last minute. I'm expecting for that to happen more often now that we live in the same house. It's actually a good thing, because I'm here anyways, and that way I can add some more money to our savings for the next year.

Today I had to get back to work though. After sending the kids off to school, I headed back over to the house. It's getting harder to decide what to do, especially since Joe is still living there. That kind of limits me on packing rooms like the kitchen and our bedroom. The kids bedrooms and bathroom are already completely empty and clean.

Each time I go to the house, I come with an empty suburban, and leave with it completely packed. Today's load was Goodwill stuff. The whole back was full of it. It's such a relief to just get rid of stuff we don't longer need. At home the driveway is still lined with leftovers from the garage sale, but slowly our furniture is being sold on Craigslist. I just keep reminding myself that all of this will be over in a week!

Ginger loves her school, and each morning she asks me over and over, when she can go to school. She normally rides the bus, but since we were coming from the house, I dropped her off. It was wonderful to see her huge grin when the traffic lady greeted her. I get about 3 hours of "no kids" each day, and today I stopped by some martial arts school to get info for Sterling. Then I thought I would check on Ballet school for Ginger too, but I didn't quite make it there. See, I passed the hair salon. And I did what any sensible woman would do: get a haircut. And I splurged on the blow dry too! And when I got home, I took a nap! What a great treat.

After this crazy week I will immerse myself in the organizing of our photos of the last 3 years, and making photo albums/ blog books as well. I've tried this in the past, without much luck. Now I will be more determined! Oh, and another fun thing to look forward to: as soon as the house sells, I will get myself a new Macbook laptop! I will need a computer in Holland, and I've wanted a Mac for a while now. As a reward for all my hard work with the move and selling the house, I'm going for it!! Can't wait to buy it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lost forever

Joe perfectly described what I feel right now.

I've never loved a dog. Dogs are stinky and slobbery and hairy.

But Justin is special.He came to us as a big furry ball. He loves us unconditionally. He never runs away. He protected my chickens for years. When you are outside, he will sit 20 feet back and just watch. With a smile on his face. When I pet him, he gets a little too hot for me (if you know what I mean). We never trained him, yet he is the best trained dog. He's huge, but to me he is still a puppy.
But now he's gone. And it's all my fault. I'm the one who wanted to to move. Mentally I knew that Justin would have to go, but emotionally I purposely didn't think about it.

And now I'm crying....By the way, it's impossible to get a good full-body shot of Justin, because any time you get at eye level, he comes straight to you. I only got this series, because I tricking him into getting onto his back, then ran back, and started taking pictures.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wow, what a day!

Usually when I don't write on my blog, it's because nothing interesting/exciting is happening. Right now I haven't written in a few days, because I've been crazy busy. Whoever thought that moving, vacationing, and the start of school would be a smart thing to do all at the same time? Today I haven't sat down for more than 5 minutes, with the exception of dinner.

My schedule today:

6.45 am alarm goes off
7.30am drop 2 oldest kids off at school. Meet the teachers. Forget my camera to document the "first day of school".
7.45am Drive "home" to Leonard. Pack in 100 degree weather and do laundry
11.30am Drive to Ginger's preschool
12.15pm Meet Ginger's teacher
12.30pm drive "home" to Plano. Get 20 boxes ready for Ebay auctions that have ended
2.45pm Pickup older kids. I chose the carpool line, and never will again. It took me 25 minutes to drive through the line and pick the kids up.
3.oopm Drop off 20 boxes at post office
3.30pm start walking to pickup Ginger from the bus at the Elementary school. Ginger's pre-kindergarten class is organized by Plano ISD, but held at a different school in the district. In order to save myself a lot of driving, she takes the bus from our local Elementary to her preschool. Walking with 2 tired kids in 105 degrees is not a good idea! Next time I'll swap the pickup methods. I'll walk to get the older kids (when the school is a zoo), and drive to pick up Ginger.
4.oo pm Fill out the huge stack of papers that the kids invariably get sent home with. I say: save some trees and combine the 10 different forms that all ask for the same information anyways.
Then I made another trip to the post office for a few more Ebay items I hadn't sent earlier.

Before I know it, it's 6pm, and everybody is hungry for dinner. So I cook. As soon as dinner is over, it's already 7.15pm, which means it's time to get the kids ready for bed. They are all in bed now (7.45pm), but my to do list is still never ending. I should clean up all the boxes that are stacked in the front hall, but instead my hip is telling me to sit back, and watch some mindless TV.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


So I'd like to match the quality of my last post, but I think I was feeling particularly expressive and talented yesterday. Maybe it was brought on by the stress, or the special circumstances of my missing wallet, or maybe a combination of the two.

Yesterday was a big blur, with the walletless errands, and then having to get ready for our trip. Normally when we go on vacation, I start making lists weeks in advance. This has a lot of advantages, especially on the cost front. If you plan what you'll eat, you can bring some foods you have laying around at home. But trying to stay in the spirit of a real "vacation", I didn't even think about packing until an hour before departure. Then I packed "Joe style"; just throwing clothes into a bag, and hope you get everything you need.

This morning at the grocery store, instead of shrinking away by sticker shock, I decided not to look at the price, and just buy the food I like to eat. Some items that never make it into my cart, like Gruyere cheeses, made it in there today. Sure, there were moments when glancing back over to the items and their ridiculous prices, I wanted to give into my normal self, and take it all back out. But I stuck to my guts. The food was all dumped onto the belt, and rung up, and before I knew it, my credit card was swiped. Did I feel guilty? Not at all! After all, I'm on vacation. And we just about sold our house.

Our vacation came as a fun surprise. Joe's uncle Bill invited us to join him in Branson, MO, at some amazing timeshare houses. At the time of the invitation, we already had our contract for the house. I just couldn't, with a clear conscience, say no to that kind of offer from Bill. A few times I questioned my own sanity in taking off for 4 days, only a week before closing, and with still a million-and-a-half things on our to-do list, but now I think it might be just what the doctor ordered. We spent the day enjoying the fitness center, home theater, pools, lazy river, shuttle buses, and of course each others company.

I'm just not allowed to think about what's waiting for me when we get back......

Sterling with his 2nd cousin Will Benac (Billy and Kelsey's son)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Leave it up to me

Leave it up to me to wait until the last possible day to buy school supplies. And then make a 30 minute drive, just to discover I left my wallet at home. All I have it my checkbook. It's worth going into the store, and just trying.

School supply shopping is a beast in itself. The lists are always ridiculously long, and you can NEVER find all the items at the store. There are even some mystery items on the list, including a "7.5x11" red vinyl bag". I've never seen such a thing, and on top of that I can't imagine what it will be used for. After an agonizing 30 minutes gathering supplies, and never looking at any price tags, I make it to the cashier. She rings me all up, and I write the check. She needs to see my driver's license. I inform her I don't have my wallet, but I could call my husband to get his DL number. I'm not sure if it was my haggered look, or my 3 wild children, or the basket full of stuff she didn't want to think about returning to the shelves, but she accepted Joe's numbers.

Next on the list is the car wash. See, we are taking a small vacation to Branson this week(end), and carpooling with my in-laws. Even though a filthy car doesn't give me a second thought, I'm quite sure it gives my mother-in-law a nervous breakdown every time she has to get in it. Actually, I have proof of the concern it gives her. When we were talking about carpooling, she actually set the condition of a clean car "inside and out" . I can't remember the last time my car has been clean inside AND out. And my level of cleanliness doesn't match up with hers. So instead of spending 4 hours in the 100 degree weather to wash it myself, and since I waited until the last minute and didn't have time, I just zoomed over to the car wash. The first question I asked the attendant was whether they take checks. No they don't. Hmm... that sucks! But either he is flirting with me, or it really is ladies day, so he offers me a free car wash. Great. Except,... remember the requirement is "inside and out". I tell him "I need inside clean as well, and oh, please also treat the car with rain-x". The only help I have is whatever money might be in my kids' piggy banks. He agrees to give me a deal, and do the wash, inside, and rain-x for $18. So I pull out both Sterling and Ginger's banks, and start counting 1 dollar bills. Sterling's gives me $13. Ginger's another $2. He sees me counting out the bills, and kind of chuckles and tells me he'll make it happen. He must really want this sale! Did he not see that this car is filthy on the outside, and that I have 3 kids inside, which are most likely the cause of a filthy inside as well?

The automatic wash is exciting! The kids must thing we're in a ride at Disney World or something. After the auto wash, we sit down inside to watch them clean the car. It's quite an entertaining sight. What must be going through those poor workers head. I am practically giddy with the idea that they are doing the work, and not me. This is where it all makes sense that my car is "never" clean. As they are wiping down the car, they grab more and more towels. My car must hold the record for the amount of towels used. After the other crew cleans about 4 cars, my crews is still working on mine. And then they open the window gate in the back. They exchange exasperated glances when they see what's under there. My car is red. But the little lip under the window is a solid tan color. So the poor worker walks over to the towels, grabs another stack, and dunks them into a bucket of water. I guess their little spray bottle just won't do on this amount of dirt!

My car comes out victoriously clean, and simultaneously the storm clouds are gathering. After an unsuccessful trip into the Academy sports store (for Ginger's backpack), where they don't accept my check by just looking at my haggared face and 3 little kids, we hop on the freeway and flee from the storm clouds. It reminded me a little of that movie "Twister". We barely miss the rain (except for a few sprinkles), but then leave it up to me to count on the earlier rain to keep the dust down on our gravel road. Leave it up to me to drive on it anyways, and get the car dusty again. That was an amazing 30 minutes of cleanliness!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In the middle of this moving madness, I have to get the kids ready for school.

Unfortunately for Ginger, she misses the September school deadline by just a few months. She is a very mature girl for her age, and has been ready to start school for the last 2 years now. With Dutch school coming up, and her readiness, I felt it very important to find her a good preschool. Turns out Plano is an expensive place to put your kid in preschool. When Winter was in preschool in Boise, I paid $90 for 3 days a week (3 hours). In Plano, I'll end up paying $280 for 5 days a week (3 hours). But that $280 will be totally worth it for Ginger! I'll just work a little extra to make up for the cost.

Ginger's preschool is part of the Plano school district. It's fairly far away from my in-law's house, and after driving over there, I considered finding a closer one. Luckily I decided to go in anyways, just to talk to the administration. Turns out Ginger can be picked up by the bus at the Elementary school, and dropped off at the preschool. Sure, they make me pay extra, but that extra is still less than it would be for me to drive her myself in the suburban. Plus I don't have spend an extra hour in the car every day. I'm also extra excited about Ginger getting to ride the bus, since the older kids have been able to do that for the past 3 years. Plano ISD doesn't have school buses, because everybody lives in such close proximity to the school anyways.

Winter and Sterling's transition should be fairly smooth. Andrews Elementary is a wonderful school (Winter attended there our first 3 months in Texas in 2007) The supply lists are scaring me though, because as an educated woman, I'm not sure what several items are. I'm starting to understand why some people choose to purchase their supplies in a packet, through the PTA.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Home into a house

We are turning our home into a house. Our little slice of heaven, into a property with 20 acres. If I was the weepy type, I'd get teary eyed from the idea of leaving all of this behind. WHAT were we thinking?

I just have take a step back, and look at exactly what we were thinking
  • Joe has been ready to switch up his job/career for the past 5 years
  • Texas is too hot
  • I've wanted to move back to Holland for a while
  • This house has a LOT of maintenance, so much so, that sometimes we couldn't enjoy our little heaven, because we had too much work to keep it marginally kept up
These past few days have been insane. Since we got the updated repair list, we hired Joe's friend Luis to come help with repairs yesterday. They fixed drywall
Joe tore the rotted wood from the chicken coop and workshop, and replaced it with brand new siding.Simulaneously we also had to get ready for this morning's moving sale. That meant hauling all of the excess "crap" out of the house and workshop. I'd say the sale was a success, and it was total madness the first 2 hours. We had anticipated early birds, so we'd locked the gate at the end of the driveway. Good thing too, by 7.50am we had 4 trucks lined up. In the midst of the madness, the money was just flying into my pockets. My kids would hand me a 20 and tell me they need a 5 for change. Or buyers would give me money and say stuff like: that's $100 for the lawnmower plus this, that, and the other. I just had to take their word on it.

As with any other sale, despite of all the sales, we have a lot of leftovers. Most of that is going to Goodwill, but some of it needs to be sold on Ebay (what a pain!), or craigslist. I'm sure glad we started this selling process early!

The animals are the other thing that we started early with.

Cattle: sold, last week, still on our property

:Sold, today. Except.... one chicken was sneaky. Last night we caught all of them while they were sleeping, and we got all of them from the chicken coop. This afternoon, I went to the workshop, only to see a straggler chicken walking out of the bushes. Now I'm trying to decide whether we'll sell it too, or maybe have her as a ceremonial go-away dinner
Cat(s): Adopted. I'm not sure if it was fate, or just dumb luck, but one of our 2 cats disappeared just a few days ago. So now we only have 1 cat to adopt out: Patches. Patches is our longest surviving cat here at the ranch. We've had him for almost 2 years, which greatly surpasses any amount of time other cats have survived here.

:Still up for adoption. We haven't actually put him on Craigslist yet, but we are confident someone will want to adopt him, especially being a good herd/guard dog. The day that Justin goes, will truly be a sad day for me. I'm not a dog person, but I love Justin. He's just such a good dog! He's obedient, friendly, protective, beautiful, and sweet. I'll miss him a lot!
Ducks: staying in the lake, with the house.

So Here I sit, in my usual spot, looking out a great sunset, and realizing it's one of the last few precious sunsets I'll experience at the farm.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Melt away

I can feel the stress melt away. The buyers are only giving us an additional 3 (relatively easy/cheap) repair items, which their bank requires.

One of those items is very silly, and the buyer agrees. The bank wants us to strip off peeling paint, replace rotten wood, and paint to match the....... suspense...... chicken coop! The buyers think it's so silly, they even offered to come up the day before closing and do it themselves.

We also have to replace the siding on the shop, fill in some dirt around the foundation, and of course do the rest of the items on the list. Tomorrow, Joe's buddy Luis will come and help to knock some of this stuff out. So now I'm feeling super confident that everything will work out, and that we'll close on August 31st.

Earlier today, with my diminished confidence in a positive outcome to the house sale, I still went down to Plano to register the kids for school. I even joked with the Leonard school that we might come back after all (if the sale fell through). Plano schools are very strict when it comes down to their proof of residence. Since we'll be living with the in-laws, and won't have a rental contract, Joe's parents have to sign a notarized form stating we'll live with them. Then they have to come in person, and show the school their driver's license. I guess the school district is afraid people will sneak into the school while living out of boundaries.

Now that the house thing is solidifying, I really need to spend some time finding a good preschool for Ginger. I'm worried that she'll get to the Dutch school, and be very behind all the other kids. Children in Holland start school on their 4th birthday. They'll attend preschool 1 or 2 years, depending on when their birthday is. So Ginger would have already been in school for 1.5 school years by the time we get there. Preschool in Plano is very expensive, but since we'll be living in Plano, I'll be able to work extra days with grandma to make up for it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flashing lights

I'm an upstanding citizen.

At least when it comes to my driving record.

Until today, I'd only been pulled over by the cops once. It's a pretty cool story....

It was only a few days after I got my driver's license, when my Dutch friend Marcia Streuper allowed me to drive her car. It was a very exciting occasion, since all I had was a bike. So we hopped in the car. It was dark outside, so I turned the light knob to the right. I can vividly remember where I was driving by BYU campus, in a 30 mile speedzone, when a cop turned on his lights behind me. I checked my speed gauge, and then the speed limit sign at the side of the road, and knew I wasn't breaking any laws. So I kept going. I don't know why I thought flashing lights were not a sign for me to stop. Did the cop just turn them on for fun? Would he turn them back off once he realized I wasn't speeding? Of course the answer is no, but I guess I was clueless. It wasn't until he turned his sirens on that I decided it was time to pull over.

So he pulled me over, and asked for my license and registration. Now you would think that since I had just gotten my license, I would proudly have it on me at all times of the day. Another clueless moment I guess, because I totally didn't have my license. The cop informed me that he pulled me over for not having my headlights on. I was confused. I remembered turning the know to the right. Well... turns out the first switch just controlled the parking lights (why would they design the lights like that? like you would ever only need parking brakes??)

So I explained my confusion about the lights. I also explained that the reason I hadn't pulled over, was that I had just moved from Holland, and the rules were different there (really?!?).

Right about this time I started bawling. Not to try to get the cop to take it easy on me, but because I was freaking out. What if he had to take me to jail? I don't know if it was my blond hair, or the tears, or my stupidity, but he let me off with a warning. Thinking back to that, I'm amazed he let me go that easily. I didn't stop, I had no license, and my lights were off.

Forward 11 years. I was on my way back from some girl time in Bonham, when a car was kind of riding my tail for a minute. I was expecting them to pass me, but then the flashing lights came on. In my wiser state, I immediately pulled over. Then I remembered the tips my father-in-law gave me about being pulled over at night.
  • turn on your cabin light
  • get out your license
  • roll down your window
  • put you hands on the steering wheel
  • greet the cop in a friendly manner
Those things all help the cops to feel safer. The cop who asked for my license and registration was obviously new. He seemed very timid/scared, and didn't immediately tell me why he pulled me over. Even though the adrenaline was rushing (because of those dumb lights), I was quite confident in my innocence. My first instinct was that one of my rear lights was out. That was pretty close, it was actually the license plate light. After checking my spotless driving record, I again came away with a verbal warning.

So that's my complete record of pull-over history. Twice in 11 years of driving- not too shabby.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We make adjustments as the furniture slowly disappearsFor a while the stress of selling was gone. I wasn't a nervous wreck anymore, we had a solid buyer who loved the house. The stress is back. They still like the house, but after the home inspection they are freaking out. First of all the inspector was over the top, and pointed out

every. single. little. thing

that wasn't brand new. Also, this house was built 15 years ago, in a county where code regulation is different than urban areas. So some things are done differently than might be current code. At this point the buyer has a lot of concerns, but hasn't made any demands as to what he wants us to fix yet. We still have a good hope that the sale will go through, with the aid of some negotiating, but there's still a chance they could decide to pull out.

And then where would I be?
In an empty house!

So today I can't find the gumption to keep packing. All I want to do is make time fly by faster, so I can stop worrying about what might happen.

Monday, August 9, 2010

10 years

10 years fly by fast, when you're having a good time. I can't believe it's been that long since Joe and I tied the knot. To celebrate, I planned a surprise weekend for Joe. I've never done anything like that. In the end I think it was more exciting for me to have the surprise, than for Joe.
We've lived in Texas for 3 years (we arrived here on August 16, 2007), and have never gone anywhere south of Dallas. When I was researching what to do, I found some caves close to San Antonio. From there I planned the weekend. We drove down to Austin Friday night, and spent the night at Joe's cousin Billy (and family) house. They gave us the star treatment, including fresh roses and chocolates on our pillows!After a good late night chat, we got up early to head to the cave. The Natural Bridge Caverns have a LOT of commercial tours. Not my cup of tea at all. Walking down a concrete path has never been my idea of a fun activity. 2 tour guides took Joe, me, and 3 other people on an "Adventure tour" deep into the cave. First we were lowered by a wench into a 22" well shaft, 160 feet deep into the ground.Once to the bottom, we actually landed at the commercial part, but from there we passed the end of the "sidewalk" onto the rocks. The guides kept stopping every few feet to tell us all about rock formations, and other information. It took a long time to make it through the 5 different "rooms" of the cave.At one point we did a "repel", which I think was built into the tour, just so they could say that. The decline was barely 45 degrees, so it was more of a safety precaution.In the end we had 15 minutes of complete darkness. What a weird experience! My eyes started kind of hurting, almost like the pupils were trying their hardest to let some light into my eyes.
The 4 hour tour turned into a 6 hour tour. Joe and I both think that the guides would rather stay inside the cave, than get out and do their regular job.Something funny/annoying happened to me. The tour instructions said to wear hiking boots. So I pulled out my fancy Columbia snow hiking boots that my friend Challis gave me a few years ago. It hadn't been 15 minutes after I put them on, that I noticed this
I wonder if Columbia would have sent me new boots if I had showed them this picture?? Luckily they had some ducktape, so I could be the ghetto fabuloustest person there.

We made our way to San Antonio and to the Bed and Breakfast. That night we headed to the riverwalk. What a fun treasure! We stopped an had dinner at an Irish pub right next to the water. It reminded me of the old days of sitting at a "terrasje" in Holland. Just sitting there and watching people.Later at night we went to a piano bar. That was the first time I'd ever done that, and really enjoyed it. The musicians were amazing! It seemed like they could all play at least 3 instruments. People would just request a song, and they would know how to play it. really amazing!
Sunday morning we hit the historical site of the Alamo in downtown San Antonio. There's some real history there. (although I found myself comparing it to European historical sights, and it didn't quite measure up...)Some funny things we saw on the way:sometimes my GPS isn't the smartest. I had set the preference to "fastest route". Instead I think it did "most use of freeways", or should I say "use as many of the freeways in the town, while making a spiral out of town"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chase a Chicken

I made a big mistake today.

2 stray dogs were sitting on our driveway. I wanted Justin to chase them off, so I whistled for him. By the time he came, the other dogs already came up to me to say hi. They were very friendly. So when Justin came to see what I wanted, he thought those dogs were friends. If a strange dog comes on our property, Justin chases them off. But when our friends' dogs come over, Justin plays with them...

At first I didn't really mind. But that quickly changed when they decided it would be fun to chase chickens. Of course once they started running, Justin got into the mood and joined in the fun. So I jumped off the couch, grabbed a piece of re-bar, and started chasing the dogs, trying to scare them off. I managed to get them all the way off the driveway. Right about the time they were gone, I discovered my feet were covered with thorns and prickly things. I also noticed for the first time that it was 105 degrees outside, and that my body was drenched in sweat. It took a considerable amount of effort to make it back up the driveway.

Of course they came back. All my loud screaming, chasing, and craziness was for nothing. But the difference between this time and last, was that I just didn't care enough to chase them off again. I did yell at them, but they didn't seem to care at all. I was also ready to bring in bullet reinforcements. After consulting with Joe on the phone, I loaded my pistol with a pellet bullet. Unfortunately there was only 1 bullet. Turns out I'm not a very good shot. Those dumb dogs just looked at me when I shot at them. They didn't even flinch at the loud noise. At one point I even considered tying them up to keep them from chasing, but they just got away each time. I wasn't ready to shoot/kill the dogs, so today I had to rely on Joe to fix my problem. When he came home, he ran them off with the car, and they didn't come back again. So much for being self-sufficient...

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