Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hotter than Hell 100

The race took us 9.5 hours.
We made 3 pit stops.
There was plenty of sweat involved.
Our muscles got a workout.

What?, you thought we rode the Hotter than Hell 100? After all, that was Joe's plan for today.
But think again. We ran the race of moving. And we raced hard and long. And now we want to crash.

The house is almost completely empty. We brought furniture to 3 people's houses, and to our storage shipping container. We got a good deal on the container, but we're really only using half of it. Maybe I got rid of too much stuff? On second thought, this will make for an easier move once we come back to the US, or decide to ship our belongings over to Holland in the future.

All I need to worry about now, is cleaning the house on Monday morning, and unpacking all the stuff I brought into Liz's house. And I won't worry about Joe's office. Or his shop. Or the random things laying around the outside of the house. Or the repairs that still need to be done (except the little spot that needs to be painted). Tonight, I will just relax, and watch Ebay for Apple Macbooks!

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Majo said...

Tevreden zucht?!

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