Thursday, August 12, 2010

Melt away

I can feel the stress melt away. The buyers are only giving us an additional 3 (relatively easy/cheap) repair items, which their bank requires.

One of those items is very silly, and the buyer agrees. The bank wants us to strip off peeling paint, replace rotten wood, and paint to match the....... suspense...... chicken coop! The buyers think it's so silly, they even offered to come up the day before closing and do it themselves.

We also have to replace the siding on the shop, fill in some dirt around the foundation, and of course do the rest of the items on the list. Tomorrow, Joe's buddy Luis will come and help to knock some of this stuff out. So now I'm feeling super confident that everything will work out, and that we'll close on August 31st.

Earlier today, with my diminished confidence in a positive outcome to the house sale, I still went down to Plano to register the kids for school. I even joked with the Leonard school that we might come back after all (if the sale fell through). Plano schools are very strict when it comes down to their proof of residence. Since we'll be living with the in-laws, and won't have a rental contract, Joe's parents have to sign a notarized form stating we'll live with them. Then they have to come in person, and show the school their driver's license. I guess the school district is afraid people will sneak into the school while living out of boundaries.

Now that the house thing is solidifying, I really need to spend some time finding a good preschool for Ginger. I'm worried that she'll get to the Dutch school, and be very behind all the other kids. Children in Holland start school on their 4th birthday. They'll attend preschool 1 or 2 years, depending on when their birthday is. So Ginger would have already been in school for 1.5 school years by the time we get there. Preschool in Plano is very expensive, but since we'll be living in Plano, I'll be able to work extra days with grandma to make up for it.

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Nancy Sabina said...

I'm so glad it's working out! Hooray!!!

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