Monday, August 23, 2010

Wow, what a day!

Usually when I don't write on my blog, it's because nothing interesting/exciting is happening. Right now I haven't written in a few days, because I've been crazy busy. Whoever thought that moving, vacationing, and the start of school would be a smart thing to do all at the same time? Today I haven't sat down for more than 5 minutes, with the exception of dinner.

My schedule today:

6.45 am alarm goes off
7.30am drop 2 oldest kids off at school. Meet the teachers. Forget my camera to document the "first day of school".
7.45am Drive "home" to Leonard. Pack in 100 degree weather and do laundry
11.30am Drive to Ginger's preschool
12.15pm Meet Ginger's teacher
12.30pm drive "home" to Plano. Get 20 boxes ready for Ebay auctions that have ended
2.45pm Pickup older kids. I chose the carpool line, and never will again. It took me 25 minutes to drive through the line and pick the kids up.
3.oopm Drop off 20 boxes at post office
3.30pm start walking to pickup Ginger from the bus at the Elementary school. Ginger's pre-kindergarten class is organized by Plano ISD, but held at a different school in the district. In order to save myself a lot of driving, she takes the bus from our local Elementary to her preschool. Walking with 2 tired kids in 105 degrees is not a good idea! Next time I'll swap the pickup methods. I'll walk to get the older kids (when the school is a zoo), and drive to pick up Ginger.
4.oo pm Fill out the huge stack of papers that the kids invariably get sent home with. I say: save some trees and combine the 10 different forms that all ask for the same information anyways.
Then I made another trip to the post office for a few more Ebay items I hadn't sent earlier.

Before I know it, it's 6pm, and everybody is hungry for dinner. So I cook. As soon as dinner is over, it's already 7.15pm, which means it's time to get the kids ready for bed. They are all in bed now (7.45pm), but my to do list is still never ending. I should clean up all the boxes that are stacked in the front hall, but instead my hip is telling me to sit back, and watch some mindless TV.


Amber said...

After a day like that, I think your hip it right on the money!!! Sheesh superwoman!

Jessica said...

my hips don't feel like superwoman!

angela michelle said...

I agree on those school forms! There are so many! And so much of it is the same from kid to kid and from year to year.

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