Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keep on going

Yesterday I took a little break from all the moving stuff, and watched grandma in the morning. Her regular caregiver was sick, so I was called in last minute. I'm expecting for that to happen more often now that we live in the same house. It's actually a good thing, because I'm here anyways, and that way I can add some more money to our savings for the next year.

Today I had to get back to work though. After sending the kids off to school, I headed back over to the house. It's getting harder to decide what to do, especially since Joe is still living there. That kind of limits me on packing rooms like the kitchen and our bedroom. The kids bedrooms and bathroom are already completely empty and clean.

Each time I go to the house, I come with an empty suburban, and leave with it completely packed. Today's load was Goodwill stuff. The whole back was full of it. It's such a relief to just get rid of stuff we don't longer need. At home the driveway is still lined with leftovers from the garage sale, but slowly our furniture is being sold on Craigslist. I just keep reminding myself that all of this will be over in a week!

Ginger loves her school, and each morning she asks me over and over, when she can go to school. She normally rides the bus, but since we were coming from the house, I dropped her off. It was wonderful to see her huge grin when the traffic lady greeted her. I get about 3 hours of "no kids" each day, and today I stopped by some martial arts school to get info for Sterling. Then I thought I would check on Ballet school for Ginger too, but I didn't quite make it there. See, I passed the hair salon. And I did what any sensible woman would do: get a haircut. And I splurged on the blow dry too! And when I got home, I took a nap! What a great treat.

After this crazy week I will immerse myself in the organizing of our photos of the last 3 years, and making photo albums/ blog books as well. I've tried this in the past, without much luck. Now I will be more determined! Oh, and another fun thing to look forward to: as soon as the house sells, I will get myself a new Macbook laptop! I will need a computer in Holland, and I've wanted a Mac for a while now. As a reward for all my hard work with the move and selling the house, I'm going for it!! Can't wait to buy it!

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Renee Campbell said...

Yay!! So Im excited for you to close of course, but even more so for you to get a Mac! You will lOVE IT!!!

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