Monday, August 30, 2010

Need a planner

I haven't had a schedule this busy, since I was at BYU. For the past few years I've always owned a planner, but it usually sat untouched in my purse. It was so seldomly used, it almost felt like a joke to even own one. But not anymore. Without my planner I think I'd forget to get dressed. Sterling signed up for Cub scouts. Winter is going to try out gymnastics. I haven't even found a dance class for Ginger yet. And then there are the school teachers. Email is a wonderful form of communication, but when there are 4 new emails from 1 teacher, that's just overwhelming!! I can't keep up, it's almost like a full-time job keeping track of my kids' activities and whereabouts. LOL How other people do it, with their kids in multiple sports/activities, is beyond my imagination. I'm really hoping that this whole house selling/moving thing has a lot to do with the "overwhelmingness" of the current schedule.

Speaking of..... the house is clean! And everything is out of the house (except Joe's office and closet). Only a few random items remain in the garage and the yard. And no more stuff is coming to Liz's house!! Now can I take a nap please??


Wendy said...

I vote yes

Amber said...

We are gearing up for the scheduling madness over here. It is occasionally overwhelming and I even limit it! And based on all of the crazy posts lately, YOU DEFINITELY DESERVE A NAP!!

ps. My word verification is packerz. Just thought that was so ironic!

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