Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Haloween fun

Since all of our stuff is still in our Pods, we had to be a little inventive with our costumes for the kids. And I have to say that they all looked very cute!! Winter was a Japanese lady, Sterling a pirate, and Ginger a fairy princess. We went to the church's trunk or treat where the kids got enough candy for the next year. They loved going around as much as giving out candy to other kids.
Today I had another pretty productive day at the new house. I broke out most of the tile in the kitchen, so my arms are going to be ripped!! Since we are a "little" behind schedule, we will have to move our stuff into the garage, so I pulled out all the trash and decorated the driveway with it. Joe is buying a trailer tomorrow, so we'll be able to take all the trash to the dump.
All together a good and very tiring day.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Working till your muscles give in

As most of you know, we have purchased our new home, and finally have starting fixing it up. The lady whom we bought this place from does not know that the words "clean", "dust", or "sanitation" exist. Even the showerhead has a 1/2" layer of dust on it!
So most of the flooring is out, except the tile in the kitchen. We ordered the carpet, but Joe just told me today that we will have to postpone the installation by a couple of weeks, because there is no way that we can get the house ready in the next week. So I guess the goal now is to be out of the in-laws house by Thanksgiving (I'm sure this is not what they expected when they first allowed us to move into their house, but they are very nice about the whole situation).
So, Sunday is (unfortunately) over, so tomorrow we get back to work. Oh, and I have to tell you about my fund findings in the air return vents. Besides the dog hairballs, and 13 years worth of dust, I also found 1 dead mouse, and a $5 bill. I just kept hoping that the next vent would hold the $10,000 booty, but that never happened...

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