Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Summer has been very low-key and without many exciting events. We usually go to the gym in the morning, and have lunch. In the afternoon the kids play with friends, we go to a local pool, or just hang around the house playing with our pets. We have started to accumulate quite a few.

Of course we still have Coco

The kids caught lizards in Moab, which we keep in a glass cage, and feed crickets and grasshoppers too.

A few weeks ago I found an adorable bunny at a garage sale. 2 Saturdays and $85 later Snow has a pretty nice house.

A few nights ago, while jeeping, Joe and the kids found "Jake the Snake" on a 4-wheel road. He is currently living in a jug, but we'll let him go in the next few days.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A summer day

We get to have Levi for the week while his parents are exploring New York. Of course I try extra hard to keep the kids entertained when we have visitors. This morning they watched Karate Kid. Then we went to the gym where they played in the daycare while I did Pilates. After Pilates I got my kids unlimited rock climbing passes for June, and all the kids had fun climbing. After lunch they played with neighbor kids, and when I made a list of activities they could choose from, they picked washing the car.

I'm not sure the car ended up being much cleaner, but it's the thought that counts, right? 

 They also had fun running in the sprinklers.

All together this was the perfect laid-back summer day. Although we didn't do anything really special, they had fun together and spent most of their time outside.

And I got to do Pilates AND Dance Trance!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dirty Dash

The Dirty Dash is the muddiest, funnest 5.5 mile race! A few years ago I saw pictures of a few Boise friends doing it, so when I saw the Utah race would be right here in Utah, I jumped for the opportunity. I was able to convince a few ladies from my ward as well as my life-long friend Rachel Jester to run it with me. There were hoards of people, and so much mud. We started off running, but there were so many people, that at every obstacle, you'd have to wait about 5 minutes just to go over it. Next time I'll definitely have Joe come along with the camera and get more pictures of the obstacles.  Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words

A special kids race "Piglet Plunge" took place in the afternoon. Sterling ended up running the second half of the big race with me, so only Winter and Ginger participated. Getting dirty is so fun!

  I hadn't seen Rachel for 14 years. Her mom and my dad were friends in high school, so any time we used to vacation in the US, we'd visit them. Rachel just found out she is pregnant, so her husband Aric ran the race in her place.
The only not-fun thing: trying to clean up the heaps of mud that was EVERYWHERE! Even after scrubbing in the shower, Ginger looked like she hadn't bathed in months at church on Sunday. 

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