Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lost forever

Joe perfectly described what I feel right now.

I've never loved a dog. Dogs are stinky and slobbery and hairy.

But Justin is special.He came to us as a big furry ball. He loves us unconditionally. He never runs away. He protected my chickens for years. When you are outside, he will sit 20 feet back and just watch. With a smile on his face. When I pet him, he gets a little too hot for me (if you know what I mean). We never trained him, yet he is the best trained dog. He's huge, but to me he is still a puppy.
But now he's gone. And it's all my fault. I'm the one who wanted to to move. Mentally I knew that Justin would have to go, but emotionally I purposely didn't think about it.

And now I'm crying....By the way, it's impossible to get a good full-body shot of Justin, because any time you get at eye level, he comes straight to you. I only got this series, because I tricking him into getting onto his back, then ran back, and started taking pictures.

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santino, polly and little dude Eli said...

Justin IS special! Sorry for your "lost". I hope time will heal.

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