Monday, February 4, 2008

Another day, another puppie

You think to yourself; do they ever stop?
Probably not.
Joe has wanted to get a good guard dog for our sheep and goats, and the other day the perfect puppies became available. And yes, they were free too.
Our newest addition to our farm is Justin, a 3/4 Anatolian Shepherd, and 1/4 Great Pyrenees.
He is named after the previous owner's son, who got killed in Iraq while on duty.
Justin is just a ball of fur now, but will be a ferocious protector in the near future.
It just so happens that Teresa has this exact same breed, so they might just have to get together if you know what I mean...


Nancy Sabina said...

Ahhhhh. He looks very cute. And I saw the other one too on Joe's blog. Naomi says we need to go visit again since we didn't get to see the puppies.
Maybe tomorrow. :)

Maddy Baddy said...

He is so cute. I want to see a pic of your other puppy. I love reading your blog, you have something new to write about every day. My life is so boring. :(

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