Thursday, February 7, 2008


Teresa and I have started swapping play dates for our kids, and Sterling, Van, Ginger, and Parker have been having a great time. Today they went to their house, so I had 3 hours to myself.
What to do?? I wanted to make sure I did something I can't do when they are here, so I decided to finally listen to Catherine Morphis and went running in our beautiful countryside. I say running, but it was more like a stumbling jog alternated with a walk. There aren't really any good loops around here (they're all too large) so I decided to run up the road and back. The way out seemed hard, but not unmanageable,.. but when I turned around I realized I had been running downhill, with the wind in my back. Needless to say, I did a lot more walking on the way back. Still I was proud of myself for getting out there and giving it a try. And, it was longer than I had originally thought! (3.4 miles, instead of my estimated 2 miles)
The most disheartening thing about all of this was that when I went to enter my exercise into my online program, it didn't even recognize my overall speed as a jogging speed, but rather a walking speed!!! Yes, I'm THAT slow!


Catherine M. said...

Hooray! I'm so proud of you Jessica. You should start using the Nike plus stuff if you've got an ipod. Its $30 and tracks speed, time, goals, etc. while listening to great music. If you don't already have an ipod ignore this message.

Love you!

Catherine M. said...

Oh, by the way. The program keeps track of how many calories you burn too... but not what you eat.\

Nancy Sabina said...

Good job, Jessica! Taking a jog is on my list of things to do next week when the kids go to my Mom-in-laws. Now, if only it isn't raining that morning.

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