Friday, February 15, 2008

Conan Sucks!

Well, I really don't know, because we didn't get in!!! That's what really sucks. When I was doing all my research, I understood that it didn't matter when you picked up your standby tickets in the morning, but that you had to be there extra early in the afternoon to make sure you got a seat. Well, apparently it was just the opposite. The standby tickets had numbers on them, and they just let people in, according to their number. Even after they told us they were only taking numbers 1-24, we hung around to see if they had spots after all. Only after checking 2 more times did we actually leave. I was crushed!! There were probably New Yorkers that could go any day that got in, and here I am, someone from Texas, who will probably never even be back to New York (or at least within the next 20 years) and I don't get in! The really sucky part is that we would have been willing to be there at 7:00 am, if that's what it takes to get in, but we just didn't know.
Enough of that whining. So after we were booted, we walked a couple of blocks to the library. They don't actually have any books you can check out, but it's more a research and display library. Then we walked around with all the other millions of New Yorkers, saw some street performers, went to a souvenir shop, shopped at the H&M (one of my favorite clothing stores), and then we met Mary and Ram for dinner at a cute little Swiss fondue restaurant. I love fondue (cheese and chocolate, what's not to like right?) We had a great time, but I have to say I now feel pretty guilty eating soooo much chocolate! (not so good for my healthy eating spree)

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