Saturday, February 9, 2008


Since we have such a long driveway (about 500 ft), I really wanted to line it with trees. At first I wanted to plant some flowering trees, so it would be extra pretty in the springtime, but then decided it would also be nice to have green trees all year-around. The perfect tree for that is the Live Oak. We went to the Bonham trade days today, and bought 9 Live Oaks. So we spent the majority of the afternoon planting them. I can tell it will look really good in 10 years!!! LOL. The trees are only about 5 feet tall, so they are practically invisible right now, but it's a good long-term investment. Joe's dad also came out to plant some bushes at the other side of the lake to shield us from the view of our neighbors junk. Ginger had a shovel that was the perfect size for her, and helped grandpa plant some little bulbs that will turn into trees.


auntie B. said...

Good idea!!!
It'll all look fabulous in a couple of years I'm sure.
And it's great to see your video-stars working together.

omama said...

Nou maar hopen dat je niet je bomen hebt geplant voor iemand anders, zoals wij altijd met onze tuinen deden :)

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