Friday, February 1, 2008

Outdoor kids

When we first got here, I had to send them out, or they wouldn't go out. Now, Sterling is to the point where he'll go outside just because he feels like it. My friend Teresa has a son Sterling's age, Van, and he practically lives outside. He loves playing and exploring. When I go to visit her,My kids are learning to appreciate playing outside more. the kids have a blast. Of course they have a lot of fun things to play with outside: swingset, toy jeep, dogs, etc. I just hope that Sterling will learn from Van that it's fun to play outside. Maybe some day I'll have to beg him just to come back in.

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Nancy Sabina said...

Those are very sweet pictures. And I bet your kids will learn to love outside within a year. You have such a great farm! I'm not an outdoor lover, but I think even I would spend more time outside if I lived there. It's always good to see happy kids.

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