Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tulip Mixup

Yesterday Joe's dad (Earl) came to plant some trees. When he got the little plants out of the pot, we noticed how strange it was that such little tree seeds had turned into these great big bulbs. I also found it interesting that a "tree" looked more like a flower bulb than any kind of tree I'd ever seen.
Turns out, Joe's mom had planted tulip bulbs in the same spot that Earl planted tree seeds. The tulips came up, and Earl mistook them for his trees, so he dug them up and planted them on our farm :)
So now we have wonderful tulips at the other side of the lake, that we might be able to see if we use our binoculars!! LOL So much for screening the view of the neighbors...
(just for the record; we'll probably dig the bulbs back up, and transplant them back to Plano where they belong)


omama said...

O, wat grappig ! Ik zat hier in mijn eentje te lachen joh! Nog steeds eigenlijk. Echt komisch!

wannabee free said...

That's funny. I thought it was strange you were calling them tree bulbs, because I've never heard of any tree growing from a bulb.
Being from holland, I would think you would know that! :)

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