Friday, February 15, 2008

A day in the life of New York

This morning we set out to Rockefeller Plaza with the metro. It
reminded me a lot of Paris. Everybody walks everywhere, and if they're
not walking, they're on the "train". I thought it would be fun to
attend a taping of the Conan O'Brien show, since we frequently watch
his show. The way it works is that at 9.00 am you pick up standby
tickets (if you don't have regular tickets which you have to buy 6
weeks in advance). We got there 25 minutes before 9, and still we were
numbers 45 and 46. While we were standing in line, some ladies came by
to ask people if they want to attend the Montel show. Joe hates
Montel, but was willing to do anything to get out of the cold. So we
grabbed a taxi, New York style, and slugged over to the shadier part
of town where Montel's studio is located.
The producers needed volunteers to ask questions on the show, so I
thought that would be fun. After eating some of the donuts (that they
used to lure people to the show), they whiskes me away to hair and
make-up. It took a while before they actually did that, so I chatted
to the other ladies who were also asking questions. They were both
from Staten Island, complete with accent and all.
When we finally went into the studio they prepped the audience on how
to applause, sit up straight, smile, etc. The show was about germs,
so I asked how often we should wash our hands. The show is supposed to
air on a wednesday, so if you want to see your famous Jessica, make
sure to tune in!
We headed back to Rockefeller center on foot and past times square.
Huge billboards!! and ate a NY hotdog at Papaya dog.
There was also an Oscar display, so we got a fun picture with oscar
Right now we are just killing time, waiting to see if we can get in to
Conan (Joe is actually taking a nap), and it has taken me about 30
minutes to type this on Joe's cell phone. It's almost time to go back
upstairs, and I'm all nervous.... I really want to get in!!


Anonymous said...

Misschien kan je het opnemen als je tenminste zelf weet wanneer het wordt uitgezonden. Your 5 minutes of fame on TV! :-)


Nancy Sabina said...

Too funny! I'm totally going to TiVo it. I had no idea that they planted the questions on shows like that. But how cool that you got to have your hair and makeup done professionaly.

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