Tuesday, May 20, 2008


My friend Anja showed me how to save a bunch of money by using coupons. Lately it seems like our grocery bill has been through the roof, so I thought I would give it a try. Anja has a big binder with inserts to organize all of the coupons, and it works great that way. So I pretty much copied her idea
On Saturday, Anja and I went to the store and I started my savings. The trick is to wait until a product goes no sale, and then use a coupon on top of that. I got some amazing deals. For example: a jar of Ragu Spaghetti sauce = $0.25. A box of pasta = $0.25. A package of hot dogs = free. Of course not all of the food was that cheap, but I've had an average of 60% savings since I started. I might have to change our eating habits a little, but that's totally worth it to me!
I have had a nice quiet day today. Sterling is with Joe at his parents house. I highlighted my hair this morning, and now Ginger is taking a nap. This is good for my psyche. Oh yeah, and did I mention that I took pretty much the whole day off on Saturday? It was awesome. In the morning we cleaned the church and had a flower planting activity with the ward. Then there was a BBQ for lunch, also at the church. From there, I went with Anja to do fun girls stuff. We strolled around at the McKinney trade days, got a slirpee from 7-eleven, strolled around IKEA (where I found the fondue set I've wanted for a year for $2.99 on clearance), got a bite to eat for dinner, and finally went to several stores to do some discount grocery shopping. We didn't get back until 10.30pm, and I cut out more coupons until midnight. Understandably I was really a little tired in church on Sunday.

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Nancy Sabina said...

Whenever I read or hear about people saving money with coupons I feel guilty. Because I know I could be saving money, but I'm just not willing to do the work. Oh well - congrats to you for doing it!
And congrats on a calm, refreshing weekend. Those are always nice.

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