Friday, May 23, 2008

Peaceful departure

Tonight Joe shot one of our goats. We've had this goat for a few months, and we always had the intention of shooting/eating it one day. Tomorrow Joe's crew from Dallas is coming over for a work party. One of the employee's uncles has experience with cooking goat, so we'll have a great hispanic feast. I am kind of weird. I wanted to watch the slaughter. First Joe shot him in the neck. Then he slit his throat to make sure he was really dead. The goat still did a lot of twitching, even after the sliced neck. The grossest part was watching Joe cut off the head. I won't get into too much of the details, because I don't want to gross anyone out. After the head was off, it was remarkably less gross. I guess you see dead animals all the time at the butcher, and it turns from animal to meat when the head is gone.
I also finally found a deep freezer on Craigslist. There's freezers for sale all the time, but they're always either too far away, or not the right kind. Our side-by-side freezer is just too small. Whenever I go to the store I have to consider whether the food will fit. No more. I may even start making freezer meals! It's kind of a small one, but I guess if we run out of room, we could trade up for a bigger one.


Nancy Sabina said...

I would love a big freezer, too. Congrats on having found one. (and having the space to keep one!)

Rebecca said...

too late. I'm already grossed out. I think I prefer to just go to the supermarket, get some packaged meat, and cook with that.

Mary Elizabeth Liberty said...

wow, can't finish reading through this one, too graphic!

Anonymous said...

After all the bloody details I would like to know how the prepared dishes tasted.


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