Saturday, May 10, 2008

I love..

I love my husband
I love sleeping
I love Ginger's wet kisses
I love completing a project
I love a girls night out
I love getting compliments on my lesson in RS
I love taking photos
I love a foot massage
I love a dip in a cool pool on a hot summer day
I love my dad's jokes
I love my mom's talent for decorating
I love saving gas, driving my 14 year old geo metro
I love seeing other people in traffic jams, while I drive in the HOV lane at top speed (I know, bad!)
I love shoes, especially high heels
I love it when my husband tells me I look good
I love the feeling after a workout (should do that more often!)
I love a clean house
I love the pictures Winter draws for me
I love watching Sterling play on the swing set
I love living close to my in-laws
I love skiing
I love dancing
I love listening to music while cleaning, folding laundry, and other mundane tasks
I love my eyes
I love having great friends I can talk to
I love the internet
I love Lost - and I can watch it on the internet!
I love that my husband takes the kids fishing, camping, doing chores, and other such things
I love that my husband has a good job
I love fresh baked bread
I love having long hair
I love watching my chicken get onto their roosts at night
I love gathering eggs with Sterling
I love chocolate
I love hearing Winter read a book to her brother and sister
I love the Gospel
I love my home country The Netherlands
I love blogging


Anonymous said...

And I love you


Nancy Sabina said...

Very nice, Jessica. I love when my hubby says I look good, too. It's so good that we have nice hubby's who appreciate us.

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