Thursday, May 8, 2008

5 year old Sterling

Sterling has a lot of energy
He loves his collections; rocks, dirt, snails, keys, or any other small objects
He is a sensitive young boy
He loves to tease his sisters
He has beautiful blue eyes
I'm afraid he'll brake many girls' hearts
He loves bugs more than T-ball
He learned how to write his name
If you can get through to him, he is very loving and cuddly
He misses his duck (he accidentally killed it)
He loves to ride his bike
If he eats any sugar at all he instantly transforms into an energizer bunny.. keeps going, and going
Sterling loves his grandma Ashurst
He loves doing projects with his Grandpa Ashurst
He will play outside on the swings for more than 10 minutes!
His favorite activity is doing chores with his dad
His second favorite activity is checking for eggs with his mom
He loves his John Deere quillo and would take it everywhere if I let him
His dad lets him play with knives, his mother WON'T
He loves candy
He is as tall, or taller than his big sister Winter
He wears a size 6, and only just turned 5
He has learned to run with one hand on his pants.. to keep them from falling off
He asks for food all day long
He still puts his shoes on backwards 90% of the time
He is so excited to start kindergarten next fall
He challenges me as a mother on an hourly basis, but I love him like nothing else


angela michelle said...

Seriously--why do the shoes end up on the wrong feet more than 50% of the time?

Bea said...

Such a handsome boy. In a pensive mood here is he?
auntie B.

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