Tuesday, May 27, 2008


They have to be Somewhere! I just have no idea where. What you ask? My keys of course. I usually misplace them, and quickly find them again. But I would say they are officially lost, as I haven't been able to locate them for over a week now. The biggest problem: that keyring has the only key to our suburban. We haven't needed to use it, but still.... we need that key! The only thing I remember is that I set them down somewhere because I didn't have pockets. This kind of narrows the field a little bit. I think they are somewhere in either the shop, shed, or backyard, but it's hard to tell. I'll keep looking, and update you if (cross fingers) I find them. Oh, and I should totally have some kind of key chain that you can buzz/locate from a "base" that's in the house in a fixed spot. Do they even make that?


Nancy Sabina said...

OH I hate that! I am having similar frustration right now. I know I bought a big box of Claritin about a week ago and I KNOW it made it into the house because I remember seeing it on the counter but now it has disappeared and I haven't taken allergy meds for more than a week now and it's killing me. I know, I know, I could just go to the store and buy more - but that box cost like $30 and I KNOW it's here somewhere! Ugh.
Good luck with the keys.

Wendy said...

you are just like dad!! haha
We have a set spot for them, on a hook in our kitchen or in my purse in the side pocket. ps.. they do have those locators.. I am sure you could find it on google

Jessica said...

I actually do have a spot where I put my keys 95% of the time. It's just hard to do it those last 5%, and that's when I loose them... :(

Anonymous said...

From my point of view it is funny to see a family characteristic repeated in a child. Frustrating for you though !
We also have a spot with hooks, very close to the front door, but somehow Dad's keys very seldom seem to make it there. I sometimes have to track mine as well because he's borrowing my car or bike. Grrr !

Farmer Joe said...

95% is a GROSS exaggeration. That's the only comment I can make without getting into more hot water than I already am.

Amber said...

If you discover there is in fact an invention like you speak of with a locater/buzzer, please let me know. I lose my keys at least once a week. I have yet to permanently lose them, but I know that time is coming!

wannabee free said...

they should have those on keys and tv remotes.
good luck

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