Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rosetta Stone

Great grandma Helen owns a cool program called Rosetta Stone- Spanish. It is a program to teach Spanish to English speakers. I am so excited that she let me borrow it, because I have wanted to learn Spanish for about 5 years now. Joe learned to Speak Spanish on his mission. It has come in handy many a time. Over our past 8 years of marriage, he has made many Hispanic friends. I always feel kind of left out, and can only understand an occasional word. This is about to change! I know,... I should spend my time doing other things such as the laundry and cleaning my house, but a clean house doesn't make friends (or does it just KEEP friends?)
My challenge will be to do this course with moderation. A little at a time. That is hard for me. I like to dive into a project and spend LOTS of time on it. The problem is that sometimes I have a hard time completing projects. for example:
-our wood floor
-my 72-hour kits
-a spring dress I started sewing a year ago
-wallpaper removal in our master bathroom
-installing knobs on cabinets
-all other house renovation projects
-fixing the chicken coop
-digging the hole for the trampoline
-finish my entertainment center that I bought 3 years ago
-etc etc
Maybe I should learn a lesson from all this?? Don't start so many projects! So much easier to say than do. I know I should just finish the gazillion project I currently have, but new and funner ones always seem to come up.


Nancy Sabina said...

You're ambitious - I think that's good. Sure, moderation is good, but so is learning. I say good for you!

Wendy said...

Buena suerte.

Anonymous said...

It sounds familiar. I've started quite a few projects as well, but the ones that made me feel most successful are the ones that I completed.
My professor at school confirmed this and told us goals need to be SMART.
Measurable (with subgoals)
Attractive or Acceptable
Realistic (else you'll fail)
Time bound (else procrastination)
In that respect Pres. Hinckley's counsel to read the Book of Mormon before the end of the year was examplary. Very SMART.

Rebecca said...

I'm with Nancy--what great ambition. And I appreciate "Omama"'s advice for my own life...

Wendy said...

Jessica I tried to post this commetn on the ashurst kids page but it won't let me. please pass this along to winter!! Thanks
love ya

dear winter, I am so proud of you being such a good big sister. I am also proud that you are such a good daughter to your mommy and daddy. I am glad you can take care of them because I am really far away now. I love you
Your tante wendy

angela michelle said...

That sounds like a great project. I bet Spanish will be a breeze for you--it's so logical and straightforward compared to English. Did you know Rosoce's taking Spanish this year? me gusta hablar espanol!

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