Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today it was nice and hot, about 90°. After having the house to myself all morning (Joe took the kids camping) and sleeping in until 8.30! we had some fresh eggs for lunch and a nap. After our nap, the kids and I got in the pool. First, I spent some time mowing the lawn, and doing some other general cleanup in the pool yard. The kids had fun splashing around. Winter is really the only one that does any kind of swimming. Sterling has never been a fan of swimming.
I also had a quick scare. I was sitting on the steps on one side of the pool when Ginger fell in at the other end. I shot up, ran over, and fished her out of the water. No harm done. It did remind me however, how scary the pool can be for a 2 year old that doesn't know how to swim.
For dinner I'm making Angela's home-made pizza. So overall this has been a great Saturday at the house.


Wendy said...

time to put her in swimming lessons!
I hear they can teach 8 mo olds how to float.. so i guess they would be able to teach e 2 yr old.

angela michelle said...

Oh man I am so scared about your pool! It's giving me nightmares!

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