Monday, May 5, 2008

$7 Bread

According to Joe I made 2 loaves of $7 bread today. I had bought some fun grains and seeds a while back, and today I had the baking itch. So I made whole wheat bread with sunflower seeds and Bulghar Wheat. For lunch I had some of it, still warm, with Dutch Gouda cheese. Yummy!! It melted in my mouth.
The reason I don't bake more often, is that it just takes so long to rise! Tonight for dinner I wanted to make Angela's home made pizza, but then I realized it had to rise more than an hour. And well, I just don't usually plan that long in advanced! I am lucky to start thinking about dinner at 5pm. Of course there's the occasional special day when I know exactly what I will make by noon, but that is not the norm.
The norm is: 5pm rolls around. I look in the fridge and disappointedly realize no meat is ready to use, it's all frozen solid. Then I decide to just use chicken, because it's easy. Then I decide on rice, pasta, or potatoes. After those 2 selections are made, I look in my pantry to see if there's anything in there to make a complete meal.
Often I find myself looking on the "meal list" and not wanting to make any of the recipes. I like to try out new things. But the drawback for that is that you usually need ingredients for those, that are not used regularly. Sometimes I'll make a weekly menu, and that really works great. When it's time to cook, it's not so hard to decide which recipe to make, because there's just a few choices, and I know that I have all the ingredients. But then there are those days that just nothing sounds good.


Nancy Sabina said...

I always make a weekly meal menu, but I just choose 6 or so meals and make sure I have all the stuff to make them - then I choose which I want that day. I still often have the same problems you described though. Meat is frozen, I'm not in the mood for any of them, it's too late to do that, etc. I'm adventurous when I make the menu plan and then don't feel up to it when it comes time to cook.
Oh well. I guess it's just part of being a Mom.

Anonymous said...

The bread looks yummy !!
I wouldn't mind trying some of it next month!


Unknown said...

You may want to check out doing freezer meals. I have been doing it for 3+ years now and it is wonderful. It has changed my life.
A website to check is
After assembling the meals, it takes a day or two to do 12, you thaw a few out at once and use them for the week. SO SIMPLE!!!


angela michelle said...

Wait--doesn't my recipe say to let it rise for 5-90 minutes? You can definitely do it without letting the dough rise, but it's better if you do.

My rule is that I have to know what's for dinner by 2:00. Ideally, I figure it out when I'm doing the lunch dishes. Otherwise, like you say, everything is frozen, or once all the kids get home from school I don't have 2 seconds to think it through to figure it out.

I like to do freezer meals, but I just cook double of whatever I'm making and freeze it, so then on busy days I can just get something out of the freezer.

Rebecca said...

Jessica, I'm impressed by the bread. Yum!

@Meridian 11th Ward: How do you have space in the freezer for frozen meals? I don't have space once I put in the frozen meat and frozen veggies. My freezers not that big.

@Angela: That's a great idea: have it decided by 2. I should do that too!

Farmer Joe said...

Angela, a instrtuction such as "5-90 miuntes" warrants an explanation - otherwise, what else can a logical person do but assume it is a typo?

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