Wednesday, May 7, 2008

2 year old Ginger

Ginger loves to wear dresses
She loves to sing
She squeezes her cats, chickens, dogs, and ducks (sometimes with bad consequences)
She loves her grandpa Ashurst
Her hair get curly when it gets wet, just like her daddy
She loves her blanky that grandma Ashurst made for her
She loves to play alone
She loves to dress up, especially with wings
She has been potty trained for about 2 months, but still insists I go with her every time
She tries to do everything the other kids do
Her and Sterling quarrel all day long
She gives good hugs and wet kisses
She is very tough, and wipes out a lot
She doesn't like mud on her shoes (which is a problem at our house)
She sucks her right thumb when she's tired
She love it when I do her hair
Every time I tell her "no" she says "why"
Her eyes are as blue as her moms
She calls her grandpa "tampaw"
She loves to play with dolls
She still cries when she has to go to nursery
We call her baby - she still is the baby of the family
She is growing up way too fast


Mom said...

Cool!! I love it

angela michelle said...

This will be so fun! I always kind of miss your kids in you and Joe's blogs. Plus having these books will be awesome.

Bea said...

Lovely picture this one.
auntie B.

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