Friday, May 30, 2008

Good reads

My good friend Challis introduced me to a cool new website
my 'read' shelf:
 my read shelf
On this website, you keep track of the books you have read, are reading, and want to read. In addition, you can track what you friends are reading. Pretty cool. The hardest thing for me is picking a new book. With this website, I can look what other people have read, and liked, and read it myself. That should lessen the amount of bad books I read.
What did we do without the internet? I do so much research, stay in touch, buy all kinds of consumables, and journal about my life. I guess we used to do it the hard way; at the library, with stamps and envelopes, high school reunions, shop at stores, and an actual journal. And then there's the phenomenon of the ability to keep in touch with "acquaintances" whom we would otherwise in no doubt loose contact with. The fun thing for me is to try and locate those who I knew in Holland and even college, so we can "stay in touch" through website such as Facebook. Of course, some of the people I find, will soon become "stale" friends. We talk a few times when we first find each other, but never speak to each other again from then on. But there's the option... anytime, you can just send a quick message.


Rebecca said...

i do the same thing on

Amber said...

I might have to check that out. My book club has read a couple of bombs recently and we are hoping to pick a good one next time!

angela michelle said...

I was gonna say--Cousin Becky has a cool thing like that on her blog.

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