Thursday, May 15, 2008

Garden update

I just realized that I hadn't posted a picture of my new garden yet. In the picture above, you can see the rows I made with the rototiller. The one bellow is just kind of an overview of the whole thing. The only thing missing are the pumpkins, which I am practically standing on, and in the foreground you can barely see my watermelon plants in the grass.
Plants are actually growing in my garden. Some of my onions have started to seed. (Is this bad?) And I really need to do some weeding.
I also installed soaker hoses in the whole garden, except for my pumpkins. The beans I planted from seed (again) actually came up, as well as my pumpkin, and cucumber seeds. Now I just can't wait for veggies to start growing on my plants, so I can harvest, cook, and feed them for my family.


Anonymous said...

Wow ! It's kind of a large area you have to care of. I'm impressed.
The only veggies we have right now are cucumbers, some herbs and fruits like figs, grapes, nuts and kiwis (pretty unusual fruits for Holland). But then again: we don't even have about one hundreth of the land you have ;) so there is no room for more, especially since we have lots of plants and shrubs. From the past I know that green beans and potatoes are pretty easy to grow as well as runner beans, tomatoes, lettuce, endive, leeks, beetroot and brussel sprouts. You can probably also grow red peppers overthere. Here you need to put them in a greenhouse. I never seemed to figure our how to grow carrots. They always turned out misfigured, with two or three "legs" :(

Nancy Sabina said...

Very impressive, Jessica! That is a big garden and you must have put a lot of work into it. Congrats on the success you're having!

Rebecca said...

How nice to have space for a garden! Looks great.

Mom said...

Wow! is right. If the onions are going to seed, they are probably ready to harvests already,

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