Monday, August 31, 2009

Googly eyes

Today I made the 45-minutes trek out to Honey Grove, to hang out with my friends Renee and Jenny. It was so great to just chill, chat, and chang out (haha, hang out). I miss this girl time, so we're going to make it a recurring event. All three of us love photography, so we played around with our cameras a bit. Somehow I became the subject of Renee photography, so that'll be great to have some good pictures of myself. (she's still editing them, as we speak).

She's awesome. Jenny also gave me an upgraded version of photoshop, so I had fun playing around with a photo of Renee. I promised not to post it though, so I'll have to do photoshop some other ones to post. This new version has so many features that my old (at least 9 year old) photoshop program didn't have. Like the googly eye feature! Haha. poor cat

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