Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Renee got me hooked on photoshop! Once you start editing pictures, it's so hard to stop. And time flies by too. I am learning fun new trick too, like smoothing out skin, and taking away blemishes.

I know, not perfect, but I'm getting in some good practice.

Tonight, the missionaries came over for dinner, and somehow I totally forgot they were coming (even though they had called earlier to confirm). So we had an interesting dinner of bean burritos, squash, salad, and watermelon.


Renée Campbell said...

Mmmm Bean burritos and watermelon! Sounds amazing to me =) Oh and I cant wait for you to show us how to do that trick, it sure will be better than taking each flaw out individually! Im still brainstorming on what my trick will be. Maybe a flash trick?

Jill said...

Jessica, I love reading your blog. It is always entertaining, you are very clever with your way of writing. Awesome job with photo shop, amazing! I wish I had you here in Europe with me! It is SO different from what I am used to. Did you always have a drier growing up? I can't imagine hanging all of our clothes to dry.

Jessica said...

Jill- thanks. I never know whether my writing is good or bad. When I try to be funny, no one laughs (or comments)When I just don't care, and write whatever, I get all sorts of comments. Ah well. c'est la vie!
We did always have a drier growing up, but a lot of my friends didn't. Most people didn't even have dishwashers either. That'll be something I'll have to get used to if we move to Holland.

Dee Jordan said...

OH WOW, are ya'll really thinking about moving to Holland?? I really want t come and have a photography playday with you girls, but can't this week. UGH the never ending saga of "No Spending Days" even applies to gasoline. I think this is dumb, but I hvae budgeted for next week, so if you girls are playing PSE next week can you count me in? And BTW bean burritos are my favorite.

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