Friday, September 25, 2009

Garage Sale part 1

What a long day this has been. Let me rephrase; what a long week this has been! I feel like I am seriously sleep deprived. Wednesday night I got 6 hours of sleep, and no nap. Thursday night, only 6 hours of sleep, and no nap, tonight: 7 hours of sleep, and again no nap tomorrow. I don't know how much longer I can do this!

Anyways, today was the big day. My very first garage sale. After spending hours and hours pricing stuff, it was all neatly organized in boxes in my newly organized garage. Then what? Joe brakes his truck. So now I had to fit everything in my suburban. I pride myself for being a good packer, but we still couldn't get the crib and changing table in. I really wanted to take a picture of my loaded down suburban, but I left my memory card for my camera at home. What a bummer! Just imagine. A packed suburban, with a little trailer hauler on the back carrying 8 big totes full of clothes. The roof was loaded with ladders and 16' pipe. I seriously doubted that I would get all the way to Bonham without my whole load flying off. All I could think about was how awful that would have been. Baby clothes all over the freeway!

Luckily my worst nightmare didn't come true, and I arrived safely at Dee's house. I got the ladders and pipe set up to hang the clothes from, and by the time I had unloaded the second tote, I was ready to go home. So much work! I could have never imagined just how much work it really is, to set up for a yard sale. We pushed through, and by the time (2 hours later) I had all my crap stuff displayed, the sun was beating down fiercely. So fiercely, that I've got a sunburn to prove it!

Before I was even done setting up, I had made my first sale. Joe had some army ammo boxes, which were gone in a flash. I think I did pretty good with a $94 profit for the day. The biggest seller?? Toothpaste!! Last year when I was couponing like crazy, I started accumulating (free) toothpaste. Sales combined with coupons makes it an easy thing to get. I must have had 50 tubes of paste in my bathroom. They were flying off the table like hot cakes. No one seemed very interested in any of the baby clothes, so I am really hoping we'll get some young moms tomorrow. Speaking of customers; most of them were 60-year old hicks. Sorry, no offense. I guess that's what you can expect in a town like Bonham :)

So after a reasonably good day, I am ready to hit the hay, so I can cringe for another whole day, each time someone scrutinizes my junk. And be elated each time someone wants to hand me cash money for my junk!

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Wendy said...

so what happened with the part two? any baby clothes sold?

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