Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today I feel overwhelmed. There are many reasons.

First, my house is a mess. This always sours my mental wellbeing.

Second, my computer is super slow, and I haven't been able to fix it.

Third, I have been out of the house all day, running around, shopping, returning sinks (and getting charged a $30 restocking fee), and going to the library for story time. I didn't get home until just 5 minutes before the kids got off the bus, so I had NO downtime today (or nap of course)

Fourth, my t0 do list is growing WAY too long, and the tasks are daunting. Here's a sample:

-Price all items to be sold in Friday's garage sale. Do I need to explain?
-Sew night gowns. After not having sewn for about 2 years, I headed to get some fabric for a baptism dress I was going to make for Winter. Of course I didn't bring the pattern with me, so I had no idea how much fabric to get. Instead, I bought a night gown pattern, and all the materials to make 2 matching night gowns for the girls. This is the item on my to do list I want to start right now, but I should probably first price stuff for the garage sale.
-clean the house - see first reason above
-Paint the breakfast nook; this is one of those projects that should have been finished 2 years ago. It keeps being put off.....
-Sell stuff on Craigslist. In other words, take pictures, write descriptions, and then deal with the dozens of people writing emails, asking whether I still have the items. Can't they read? I usually explain in the description that I'll delete the ad once the item is gone.
-Feed animals; Joe is out of town, which means I am in charge of making sure the pig and dog don't starve. The farm is a sucking vortex though. As soon as I go out there, many more things beckon me. Like last night: after feeding the piggy smalls and Justin on the 4-wheeler (which it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to get started/drive), Sammy the calf gave a nudging moo. Uh.... I guess he was hungry too. After feeding him, I realized I hadn't checked on my garden for over a week. I pulled 8 or 9 large squashes out of there, and didn't even look at the zucchini plant! After that, I finally just went inside, although there were several more things that really needed to be done. Like feeding the chickens, and making sure they had water, adding chlorine to the pool,... but I digress.
-Sort and cut coupons. During the summer, I pretty much stopped coupon shopping. Which is fine. I had a large enough stockpile to last me through the summer months. I started buying the newspaper again though, so I need to go through the coupons, cut out the ones I'll most likely use, get rid of old expired coupons, organize my binder etc etc.
-Family finances: make sure there are no fraudulent charges on my credit card, organize receipts, update my online database, etc

Whew, so many large/daunting tasks!!!! And all I want to do right now is lay down and take a nap! And did I mention that it's dinner time .... AGAIN?!?!


skideewink said...

What I can't seem to figure out here at Casa Chaos is why is it that they contine to want that meal fixed over and over and over and over (etc.)
Today was the first day I really "saw" my yard sale stock pile and after about 3 hours I wanted to put it ALL back in the shed. Give me strength!

Wendy said...

Amen Sister! All I can say,I saw you give birth, you can do this!
maybe the better suggestion is to hire help???
I don't know

Unknown said...

And all this for a "non-working" mother ? ;)

Jill said...

I am a queen of lists! Hate them, but I feel like it brings me peace to check of my daily to do's. Hang on? Are you guys going to Holland for an MBA? Please share more about this! Will you leave your home there? Is this for sure or a possibility? Careful giving away ALL baby stuff!! My sister got rid of all her clothes and is now regreting it with a small baby . My suggestion is hang onto your favorites, nothing more! But keep something. How daunting to go through all of that?!!

Jessica said...

I WISH I could hire help!
Jill-I have thought about that... and that's why is scares me. But at the same time, I don't want to pay to store a bunch of clothes for the next 3 years, and then have to throw them away, because they're old and musty

Amber said...

I am exhausted just reading your list. I have thrown away lists. For me, they make me feel inadequate and pathetic when I accomplish nothing on them. But I know for some, they rely on them. I just can't! Good luck with yours, and don't beat yourself up if NOTHING on the list gets accomplished!

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