Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I've been in a sort of funk the past few days/weeks. These funks come and go. Usually without any obvious reason. When I get into one, several things change:

-I stop cleaning
- I read a lot
- I take too long of naps
- I don't cook good meals
- I rebel against all items on my to do list
- The laundry starts to pile up
- I spend way too much time on the computer

You get the picture. Is this depression? I don't know. Whenever I'm feeling down, it usually gets a little better if I actually do something productive. If I can just make myself do that load of laundry, or spend some time playing with Ginger, more productive things usually happen. But getting up and doing that, usually doesn't happen.

At least this time around, I have been diligent in keeping up my workout and diet routine. It's a given that I'll workout, so I just tune out how crappy I'm feeling mentally/emotionally. How much longer will this last? I hate feeling like this. I want to want to clean, be productive, and be a fun mom.


skideewink said...

I am there with ya, I am feeling it also. I believe (in my hubble opinion) it the the seasonal change. I go thru this 2 times a year spring and fall. Not quite there for crock-pot but sick of salad. For myself, I am going to the dac next week, I can't afford any more down time. BTW-thanks for being a GREAT yard sale partner. Yore the best and I am a better person for getting to know you :)

skideewink said...

OK opps - Doc's and Your

Unknown said...

Hopelijk ben je gauw weer "funky" en niet langer "dopey"

Unknown said...

Ben je nog steeds in een funk?

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