Saturday, September 5, 2009


Because we live so close to Joe's parents, we spend a lot of time together. Usually, it's just for a few hours at a time though, so we thought it would be fun to pretend we were visiting from out of town, and spend a whole weekend together.

Joe's grandma, Helen Benac, had a small stroke. We all went over to visit her at the hospital. We made some fun "get well soon" signs, where the kids each decorated a word. Hospitals aren't really kids friendly, so the kids were looking for things to keep them entertained.

Sterling found an empty cupboard, and thought was a perfect little home.
Dad showed Ginger the fun buttons on grandma's bed, and then told her not to touch. (hmm... wonder what would happen) After making the bed go from sitting to laying multiple times, grandma finally had had enough.Mom and Grandma talked about Grandma's doctors and procedures
We love you Great Grandma! And hope you get well soon


Nancy Sabina said...

What a good idea to spend some extended time with them.

angela michelle said...

Oh that picture of grandma and mom is priceless! Will you send me a full-resolution copy of it?

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