Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Plan

I guess I should explain "the plan". For a while, we've have been wanting to make a change. We miss the mountains and green. Our house is too expensive. Joe has wanted to get an MBA to further his career. I have wanted to move to Holland so the kids could learn Dutch (and I realized just how much I wanted to do this, when my friend Jill was sent to Paris, and I was more jealous than I ever want to admit).

As I was commenting to my parents about all the things we want to accomplish, they mentioned we could do 2 of our "to do list" things, by getting an MBA in Holland. What? Really? Holland is a very international country, and has several MBA programs that are taught completely in English. They also have a high percentage of international students. The program is just 1 year. We can do one year! I would have to get a part-time job (while the kids are at school), and hopefully we can sell our house soon, so we can start saving money like crazy.

Another part of the plan, is for us to acquire rental homes. This is something Joe has wanted to do for a while, and we found the perfect way to do it. In Bonham, you can buy a house for $10,000-$15,000 dollars. A whole house! For that little! When you buy a house that cheap, you can easily cover your mortgage cost with rental income.

There are contingents to our plan
1. Sell our house
2. Get a good score on the GMAT
3. Be accepted to a good MBA school

Man do I hate selling houses! It's especially hard with this house, because of its location. You need to find that perfect person, which may come along tomorrow, or next year. Of course before we can even put it on the market, we still have to finish a few projects. Master bathroom, baseboard, painting here and there, etc. All we can do is get it finished, and put it up. Then: wait. And hope. And pray.

Joe has been working soo hard studying for the GMAT! I am so proud of him getting up an hour before work each day, and studying. Especially because he DESPISES math. And math is half of the GMAT! Getting into a good school, is directly correlated with the GMAT score.....


skideewink said...

I love how organized your plan is. I don't want to see your family leave our ward, but, I know when you follow the the Lords will you go where he needs you most.

Nancy Sabina said...

Wow! What a plan! Good luck! Selling houses is certainly no fun, but at least there would be a big high to look forward to after.

Rebecca said...

wow, how exciting! I hope things all work out so you can get your dreams! That would be AWESOME for you all to live in Holland.

Tiffani said...

I can't wait to visit you in Holland! Keep that nose in the books, Joe!


Debbie and Boys said...

I'll buy your house, and your animals, and everything... Oh wait, never took care of a pet before let alone that much land, but oh I'd love to give my kids that world. A heaven for 3 little boys. If we ever get moved up that way we'll have to talk!
Go for it is all I've got to say!

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