Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just helped my friend Dee Jordan "purge" 9 boxes of Halloween decorations and costumes into 2. It's easy to help people get rid of their stuff. It's harder when it's your own stuff. Our plan to move to Holland and get an MBA, makes it necessary to consolidate our stuff considerably.

Dee gave me the itch. I want to get started! My garage is a mess, and can sure use being purged. What's in there? Among other things: the baby crib, changing table, maternity and baby clothes. How do I get rid of that stuff? Yes, we feel like we're done having kids at least until we get back from Holland, but getting rid of that stuff makes it so official! Am I ready to let go of that? I think so... but it's hard!

The hardest part is deciding where it will all go. Some can go on craigslist, some on Ebay. I would like to just take it all to Goodwill and be done with it, but that's just not the smartest idea. The idea of a garage sale gives me the shudders. Plus, where we live, I doubt it would very successful anyways.

Any ideas on what would be the best place to resell baby clothes? Used kids clothing stores? Craigslist? Anyone need hand-me-downs?


Nancy Sabina said...

I bet there are some good consignment shops around Plano. Also, you could try a garage sale at Mom and Dad's - hauling it all out there would kinda suck but anything you have left at the end of the day you could just take to Goodwill.

Is the plan with the MBA in Holland totally decided on?

Majo said...

Stuff is just what it is: stuff. You're not getting rid of photo's or other personal memories. And you're not getting rid of the kids along with the stuff ;)
In case you decide to get rid of things now, you can always get some back later. Just what we did when we first got rid of all baby accessories when Wendy was about 4 and then 3 years later buying new things for Emma. We had just kept some (very few) special clothes. I'm getting excited though; who knows, next year you could be living here and this plan could have materialized!

Wendy said...

I'm with mama... plus you have plenty of experience in your youth getting rid of things since we moved so much!
ps how do the kids feel about this? Are you starting to speak more dutch with them?

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