Saturday, October 3, 2009


Even though it's still 75 degrees outside, we have started making some preparations for winter time. As the summer progresses, my chickens spend less and less time in their hen house. Even though they all lay eggs in their nesting boxes all winter, by the end of the summer, they have found new spots for them. Some in the bushes, some in the lawn. Once in a while, you'll run over a real old one with the lawnmower... that's fun.

My egg supply has been dwindling, and when I was baking the other day, I barely had enough eggs. That was the last straw. I mucked out the chicken coop, and put fresh bedding in the nesting boxes. The missionaries were at our house for some service time, so they reinforced the outside pen for me. For the past 4 days, I've only gotten 1 egg per day. I can vaguely recall the same thing happening last fall. Hopefully the hens will quickly re conglomerate, and start supplying me with fresh eggs again.


Nancy Sabina said...

We don't have a farm, but we did similar stuff this weekend - we put away all the pool toys and stuff that can't stay out in the backyard all winter, etc. Must be that time of year!

Good luck with the eggs!

Maddy S said...

I remember my grandma always had a time where the chickens weren't laying eggs so much. I also heard they lay eggs plentifully for a while only and then not so much as they get older. But your probably know more than me. :) Good luck.

Renee Campbell said...

Oh I hope those chickens get to laying!

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