Friday, October 9, 2009

The real deal

There are certain things in life, that unconsciously stay with us through childhood memories. Maybe that particular thing or place is no longer available or reachable. We might search for it occasionally, just to be disappointed. But then, one day, all the stars align. This once happened for me when I found my childhood cereal Weetabix (which they stopped selling at Target). The universe must favor me, because it happened again. I was wandering around the Asian market, when I spotted this.I've looked for Ovaltine before, and found an impostor, counterfit American version of it at Walmart. It didn't bring back a flood of memories. It tasted kind of similar, but not really. So when I spotted that container the other day, my heart started pumping a little faster, and my mouth involuntarily grinned. I didn't want to get my hopes up, just because the packaging says "European formula". The packagers spoke the truth. It Is the authentic Swiss ovaltine! Drinking it brought back memories of Swiss ski slopes. Wahoo!


Unknown said...

Leuk is dat hè?
En lekker natuurlijk ook!

Amber said...

a) I LOVED Ovaltine and b) that picture is awesome!

Stillman and Michelle said...

I think they sell weetabix at Albertsons. Every time I see it, I think of your post.

Polly said...

Do you remember back in those days when we always talked about how we had so many things in commons back in our homes? Yes, this is one of them. I grew up drinking Ovaltine! I always tell Santino about it and he wouldn't believe me, I bet he had the "Walmart" ones before, that's why!

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