Tuesday, October 20, 2009


After venting my frustration with my super duper slow computer on Facebook, Joe offered me the use of an extra work laptop. At first I was only using it to work on my blurb book, but I soon started using it for all my other computer needs. The more I use it, the more I don't think I can't ever live without it again.

Instead of being cooped up in my office, I can hang out with Ginger in the living room.
Instead of a hard office chair, I now sit on a soft couch.
Instead of printing recipes, I just put the laptop right on the bar, and work from there.
Instead of taking a break for going to the bathroom, it comes with me. Okay, hold on. Let me explain. I have only done this once. When I was in the middle of reading a long article, and I didn't want to rush in the bathroom......
Instead of reading a book during downtime at grandma's house, I can work on my blurb book.
And most importantly, instead of a slow internet/computer combo, I can now watch shows online, and easily browse the internet without frustration.

Unfortunately I won't have access to this laptop/sprint internet card forever. So eventually I'll have to go back to the lame bogger. Maybe next time we're up for buying a new computer, I'll choose a laptop instead of a PC.


Renee Campbell said...

MAC...MAC....MAC.....just sayin'

angela michelle said...

I know. Laptops are the bomb. I hardly ever work in my office anymore. Mark and I love to watch a TV show online together in bed.

Wendy said...

I want one .. if only santa didn't use my bank account for my presents haha

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