Friday, October 30, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Tonight our ward celebrated its annual trunk or treat. It's fun to be in a ward where the grown-ups dress us too.
Winter was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
Sterling was the leopard (just like last year)
I was the wicked witch
Ginger wore her unicorn outfit, just long enough to take this picture
I barely recognize myself!
I got quite a few stares, and some people couldn't figure out who I was. Note to self; don't grow a big nose, get glasses, and get too old... it's not flattering.
Unfortunately Joe couldn't be there, he was on the way home from a week in Phoenix for work


Nancy Sabina said...

You all look great! Nice job getting all that set up with no hubby. I did that a couple of years ago and it wasnt easy!

just another mother said...

awesome!!!! Happy Halloween

Wendy said...

great costumes!! you really do look freaky!

Wendy said...

I love winters hair!

Emma said...

what do you mean: you barely recognize yourself..? you look like this every morning before you put on you make-up ;)

Unknown said...

Great makeover !

En Oma's luipaard kostuum gaat zo wel lekker lang mee hè?

Jill said...

Love Winters hair, and Jessica...WOW! You are an awesome witch!!! Halloween is so much fun.

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