Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pure Bliss

We love to get together with the Allreds. We were lucky enough to have them all last night until this morning. When we are with the Allreds, the rules change; especially for the kids. They get to eat whatever they want/don't want. I think they horked down a sleeve of Oreos each, plus a bag of candy and a bunch of 's mores. Bedtime does not exist. Sure, they'll be little helliens the next day, but we can deal with that the next day. It's just a whole night of pure bliss.
Poor Charlie isn't even a year old, and is already hosting riders. He was a little stubborn, and wouldn't walk very well, but what can you expect from a steer? When I put both Olivia and Winter up there, the poor thing just about toppled over.
We have been saving up our firewood for almost a year now, and this was the perfect occasion to burn it all up.
The cats got plenty of attention
We also found out that some door are mostly made of cardboard. It was scary to see how fast those doors went up in flames, and how much heat they created.


Nancy Sabina said...

Looks like fun. Everybody loves a good bonfire!

Wendy said...

sound like great memory builders!
Didn't know that about the doors though.. that is kinda scary!

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