Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cat Maniac

I've been struck by the craziness of our cat situation at the farm. I wanted to know how many cats we've had here, but I can simply not remember. We don't have pictures of most of them, some never had names, and some were only here for a few days. Here's what I do know.

11/6/2007 - 11/30/2007
Sunny - grey girl kitten. She disappeared after a few weeks

11/6/2007 -2/13/2008
Pumpkin - orange boy cat. He was our "dog" cat. He f0llowed you around everywhere. Unfortunately he followed the suburban a little too closely.

2/15/2008 - 9/25/2008
Brownie - calico girl cat : from Teresa's house

3/13/2008 - 9/15/2009
Scat cat - black boy cat for Sterling's birthday. He was our best mouse hunter. He started coming around the house less and less, until he just stopped coming back all together.

4/23/2008 Brownie's 1st litter: 5 kittens
2 went to Teresa's house
2 went to ward member's houses
1 died

8/30/2008 Brownie's 2nd litter: 6 kittens
4 went to the Brooks house
1 died
1 came back to our house (on 10/10): can't remember her name (whitish fluffy calico)

9/25/2008 Brownie disappears

10/10/2008 Patches is adopted from Brooks house, as well as whitish fluffy calico..

5/1/2009 - 8/30/2009
Ariel - Aubrey Brooks gave her to me at church. She died while I was at Education week.

7/5/2009 Whitish fluffy calico has 2 kittens.
Both die while I'm at Education week, and the whitish fluffy calico disappears too.

8/30/2009 Tiger - brown girl cat with cool patterns. Joe and the kids pick her out at the pet store, while I was at education week.

10/15/2009 Socks - black and white boy cat, coming from Teresa's house

So at this time we have 3 cats: Patches, Tiger, and Socks. We'll see how long they'll stick around. Patches has been with us for over a year, and I think it's because he sticks close to the house. Coyote's haven't had a chance to nab him yet. If my count is correct, that is about 21 cats/kittens over a 2 year span......


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Stillman and Michelle said...

3 female cats + 1 Boy cat = 17 kittens. That's what we had once.

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