Tuesday, November 6, 2007

1 + 1 = 2 kittens

Since "Sunny" will be an outside cat, I thought it would only be humane to get another cat to keep her company. I picked up an orange tabby kitten today (a boy), that will be able to keep Sunny company, now and later... Winter decided to name him Pumpkin. He is definitely a little spicier than Sunny. On the way home, I held him on my lap, as I had done with Sunny, but he kept trying to claw his way up my shoulder, whereas Sunny just layed down and went to sleep.

Pumpkin is also much more of an explorer and got a hold of a grass hopper and had himself alittle playtime. He also showed Sunny that it would be a fun/good idea to climb up a tree,.. but the only problem is that since she is still a couple weeks younger than him, she wasn't able to get down. This is the point where I have to get the ladder out of the house, and pluck my cat out of a thorned tree. I don't think she appreciated it as much as she should have.


Nancy Sabina said...

Watch out! Cats do have a way of multiplying! Before you know it you'll have a dozen or so running around. I guess that's not too bad if they're outside cats - just watch out for them to suddenly get organized and take over the farm.

angela michelle said...


Maddy S said...

so adorable. I am glad you got your cat that you wanted for so long. I hope now that they are two they won't be too lonely in the shed. The kids are so cute with the cat.

Bea said...

E-e-e-nig. En de foto's van Ginger en Sterling met de katjes heb ik gelijk gekopieerd voor m'n familie-album.
Zo-o-o-o leuk.

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