Thursday, November 1, 2007

a little brake

Today I finally got to a little brake from the craziness. We sold our pacifica, so we are back down to 1 car. Joe had to go buy an "animal trailer" and took the burb, so I was stuck at home. Not that I minded too much, because I've been working too hard anyways. It's nice to catch up with my friends and family and sit down to check my email and to do other mundane things in life. Speaking of mundane things... I better clean up this pig sty (as I'm still living with the in-laws, and I don't have the liberty to choose to live in a mess) and cook some dinner (which I'm sure will be appreciated by all the hungry mouths.)

1 comment:

Nancy Sabina said...

Have you guys decided which animals you're going to get? I assume a horse or cow since he went to get a trailer big enough for those. Anything else?

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