Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kitten had kittens

Our 8 month old kitten had kittens yesterday! She had 5 of them. 2 white ones, 2 black ones, and an orange one. I think there are multiple daddies involved. She seems really good with them. She just lays in her little box and lets them drink to their heart's content. It's really amazing how these things just come natural.
Today I picked up a used swing set for $50, to go with the trampoline.
I also picked up our new dishwasher. The dishwasher we currently have is very delapitated. I think it must be the original one (15 years old!)
I have this crazy sinus infection, which started last week when we visited grandma in Plano. I couldn't stop sneezing, and ever since that I have been stuffed up. I have had a pretty bad headache for the past 2 days, so today I decided I needed to do something. I am not ready for antibiotics (I have a thing against them), so I steamed over a bowl of hot water, shot saline solution up my nose, drank some tea, and wished I had a painkiller strong enough to knock me out cold.
Something got to my chickens today. I found a pile of feathers and part of a chicken bone. It looks like 2 of my chicks are missing, and one has severe damage/injury to the neck. I have the suspicion that one of our dogs did it, so I tied both of them up. I am leaning mostly towards Cinnamon, because yesterday Joe caught her chasing the chicks. Unfortunately, when I find out who is the murderer, I will have to get rid of it. Yes, I'm cruel, but my chickens are worth more than my dogs.... sorry. (I never was a dog-person)


Rebecca Reid said...

cute kitty...sorry about your chicks!

Nancy Sabina said...

So what you're saying is that your kitten is a bit of a skank, huh? At least she can take care of them.

Mark A said...

The one dog is gona teach the other one and your going to have to get rid of both

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