Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Since Joe goes out of town for work at lot, he has created the tradition of bringing the kids a little something back. This tradition started several years ago, when the kids weren't as fluent in speaking as they are now. I would tell them that daddy was bringing home a surprise for them. Now, when he leaves they ask me without fail: "Is dad bringing a Prize?" While I think it started out because they couldn't properly say "surprise", I think it has developed into them thinking it's actually a prize, not a surprise.
Today Joe gave each of the kids a kite. It was kind of fun, because earlier today we were watching Mary Poppins when the kids fly kites. After waiting all afternoon until dad was done working, they had to wait even longer, because it was raining. After dinner we were able to fly kites for just a few minutes. Ginger was actually the best at keeping her kite in the air.

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