Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Play equipment

Now that we weather is nice, I like for the kids to play outside. They usually will play outside for a little while, but get bored pretty quickly. And Sterling likes to get into trouble. Yesterday I caught him in the chicken coop, chasing the chickens. This is a big no-no, because I don't want stressed chickens that won't lay eggs. So my search has begun for some fun toys. I am on the lookout for a trampoline, swing set, and maybe even one of those riding toys. Craigslist is my main source, and as long as you jump on ads as soon as they are posted you have a good chance of getting good deals. They frequently have free stuff, but for that you really have to go the speed of light. The one problem with Craigslist is that you can't really search by area. So when something comes on the Dallas Craigslist, it can easily be 2 hours away (or more). After last week's big storm I definitely plan on burying the trampoline in the ground. We saw several ones that were blown away.

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angela michelle said...

Don't you love it when the kids just start going outside when the weather get nice. We love our tramp.

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