Thursday, April 10, 2008

Smitten for Pride

We made it through the night. Around 2 am I woke up from the lightning and thunder that seemed to be right on top of us. I didn't think much of it, since we've had some pretty bad storms lately. It poors, thunders, flashes, and blows, but in the morning not much evidence is left of the storm. (except a higher water level in the lake)
Not so this morning. I guess there were 70 miles/hr winds and we were in the heart of the storm. My heart dropped when I looked over to the chicken coop only to see thisand then this
I know....I was a little proud of my accomplishment last week. Did God smite me for my pride? Or was I just part of a series of unfortunate events?
We were very blessed that our house didn't blow away. We still have a dry, dark (no electricity) house with running water. When I took Winter to school I noticed many other people had suffered from the storm. Large trees were uprooted, trampolines had blown in trees, shed and shops were mangled much like ours, and half of Winter's Gym roof was gone.
Amazingly none of my chickens got blown away and they all made it through the night. But they didn't have any shelter anymore. My only option was to move them back to the shed. The shed is right next to the fence/bushes, so it's not the ideal spot for a chicken coop (predators). Luckily my nesting boxes and my roost ladder didn't get blown away, and those got moved first. Then, I took all the T-posts back out -- yes the same ones I just hammered in less than a week ago -- and moved them to the shed. After many hours of hard labor this is the final resultNot too bad huh? Hopefully the next time a big storm comes, I won't have to do this all over again. Miraculously I still got 3 eggs today. I thought the chickens would stop laying after such a big trauma.


Nancy Sabina said...

Mom and Dad both told me about the crazy storms. I'm glad you guys made it ok. I'm sure the storm has nothing to do with your pride - just crazy Texas.

Wendy said...

I am glad you guys are okay.... and your chickens!! Who needs a gym when you have a farm and some good ol' storms ;)

Well I guess I need one cause I don't have the second :):)

kusjes -wendepen

Ruthie said...

Welcome to Texas! I know this is a totally foolish thing to say, but I've always felt a little cheated that I've lived in Texas most of my life and never seen a tornado. I'm sure I would be scared to death I ever did, but I can't help thinking it would be kind of cool!

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