Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Toot my own horn

Warning: blatant horn tooting ahead.
At 3.30pm I got a call from my friend Teresa, because she had found some egg-laying chickens. We both want some, and it's been really hard to find any. My chicks have also gotten a lot bigger, and really too big for their little box.
A couple of months ago we built a coop in our shed, but Joe decided he doesn't like having the chickens right next to our fence line (predators). I have been asking Joe to build me a new coop/run so I can move my chicks, but without results. So today I headed out there, determined to do it myself. I have to say I was very insecure about my abilities. There's some hard labor involved, and Joe is just so handy and strong. I started with the T-posts. I found 2 in the shed, and had to pull up another 2 around the farm. The first one really gave me a hassle. I almost went inside to get Joe's help, but was determined to get it done myself. It finally came loose. Then I used a big sledge hammer to hammer them into the ground. Next came the chicken wire. I kind of cheated there and used zip-ties. Hopefully the goats won't eat them. Then I stole the door we made for the other coop and installed it on the fence post. So now we have a genuine chicken run that is accessible by a door.
I was so proud of my accomplishment. I did it all alone.
After that, Joe was done working and came outside. He made some nice perches. The other thing I did, which I think is pretty cool too, I used part of the entertainment center that we ripped out of the house to make nesting boxes. I just hung up the shelves, and divided them in 2, and voila! nesting boxes!
I couldn't believe it when I came inside and saw that it was 8pm! I just spent 4.5 hours working on the farm!
The chicks are out there right now, and I would say they are enjoying their new, fancy, mansion.


Farmer Joe said...

A quick note on that sledge hammer...hefting it up to the top of a T-post over and over again is really no laughing matter - it can really wear you out fast. That is prolly the most impressive part. Way to go hunny!

Melanie said...

I love your blog it always makes me laugh. I am so glad I found your blog it is so fun to see your cute family. Keep in touch

Nancy Sabina said...

Wow, Jessica! Congrats. That is a big accomplishment. It's good to have a hubby you can depend on - but it's also nice to not need him sometimes.

Anonymous said...

way to go, woman! you know, you do give wifes like me a bad name when you go and be handy like that. :)

Anonymous said...

by the way... what's a t-post? you're so impressive, jessica!

Maddy Baddy said...

I can't wait to see a picture of your accomplishment. Way to go!

angela michelle said...

you go girl! where are earth were the kids for 4.5 hours?

Jessica said...

The kids were out there with me, "helping" me

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